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Energy & Equipment Monitoring

Superior now offers specialty Energy & Equipment Monitoring services augmented by subject matter experts review to provide insight on consumption, utilization and low-cost no-cost tweaks. Superior’s state-of-the-art sensors connect wirelessly and communicate through a dedicated LTE+ line to stream data in real-time, to an intuitive and intelligent dashboard.

We intend to provide a cost-effective and secure wireless solution to get critical mechanical, electrical, plumbing and environmental data from your facility: Air Quality, HVAC Monitoring, Remote Monitoring, Submetering & Energy Monitoring, Humidity, Temperature, Power, Current, Water Leaks and more…all embedded in only a few sensors, with the possibility of integrating into BACnet or ModBus protocl based BAS.

Our devices are easy to install and can be deployed as a stand-alone solution.

We offer what others cannot! Out platform will give you the insights and alerts to increase operational visibility and proactively manage your facility. Identify opportunities for performance improvement, and easily share insights across teams and organizations.

Experience the true meaning of Predictive Maintenance!

Our platform can help you optimize your facility management with real-time, remote controls of your critical systems. Increase operational efficiency by addressing the inevitable technological or functional obsolescence in your buildings using wireless retrofits – Risk Avoidance package.

Superior’s end goal is to provide a tool for the building owners and operators to create transparency to all parties including residents and members of the private community and to engage them in saving energy and costs! We can create intelligent metrics, once there are enough data points, to enhance the engagement and even share the information with all or a particular set of people on frequently scheduled notifications.

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Is Your Pool Ready For Spring?

outdoor swimming pool


Winter is hard on outdoor pools! Here is a handy checklist for you and your team to follow when planning a successful spring opening:

Pool Cover

  • Do you see holes, tears, broken springs and loose anchors or any other surface issues?

Water Levels

  • Are your water levels lower than when winter started?
    If so, where did the water go?

Pool Deck

  • Is there frost damage, uneven surfaces, delaminated areas, peeling paint, marbelite or other tripping hazards?

Mechanical Equipment

  • Are your pump bearings noisy?
  • Are the filters ready for another busy season?
  • Are dosing devices, automation systems, and lights working properly?
  • Flow meters are a necessary part of the circulation system. Is yours in working condition?


  • Is the electrical heater free of debris?
  • When was the last time a certified gas technician inspected your gas heater?
  • Have you scheduled an inspection/cleaning?

Electrical Systems

  • Are all circuits functioning?
  • Is the filter room illumination level sufficient for staff to safely operate in it?
  • Is equipment starting up and running properly?


  • Is this free of debris?
  • Have the cartridges and sand been cleaned/replaced?

New Ontario Pool Health Regulations Compliance

Ladders & Rails

  • Is anything loose?
  • Is there hardware missing?


  • Are there gaps or holes?
  • Have posts or poles moved from frost?
  • Are self-closing gates working properly?

Swimmer Feedback

  • What was your user feedback like last season?
  • Are you satisfied with your current pool maintenance plan?
  • Do you see the need for a live feedback monitoring system?

Superior is here to support you and your users all season long with affordable maintenance packages that make your job easier!

Download Superior Pool’s Spring Opening Checklist

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Hybrid Pool Maintenance Plans

Hybrid Pool Maintenance Plans

Our hybrid plans meet new pool testing regulations AND make your job easier!

pool testing

According to regulation, O. Reg 494, 17, pool water must now be tested every 2 hours.

If your facility does not have the resources to perform additional testing, Superior can help fill in the gap!  

In addition to the regular maintenance we provide to your pool and spa, we can offer more frequent visits to your facility for the purpose of testing the water chemistry.

Need Help Testing Your Water? Superior offers two convenient and affordable options:


Purchase or Lease* a Chemical Controller that displays ppm and your in-house maintenance personnel will conduct the additional required testing every 4 hours.

The regulation stipulates that if there is a chemical controller displaying residual chlorine level (in ppm), the operator is only required to test the water chemistry every 4 hours (instead of 2 for the pools and 1 for spas).


Superior will augment your in-house maintenance personnel’s pool chemical testing task with frequent daily on-site visits. This service is available early in the mornings and late at night to ensure adequate coverage within 100km of the GTA.

*At 0% interest. All probes malfunctioning and servicing of the controller will remain the responsibility of Superior. 12-month lease term. Customer will own the unit after the term.

Choose the best option for your indoor or outdoor pool!

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A New Dawn in B2B Customer Service

A New Dawn in B2B Customer Service

How Was Your Swim? 

Changing the Way Customer Service is Offered in B2B

Technology has not only significantly changed consumers expectations, it has also made it easier than ever for them to take their business elsewhere. B2B and B2C customers are no longer willing to call a 1-800 service number and wait for the next representative to help them; they now expect to engage with companies across every channel of service and any device—anytime, anywhere.

photo of a woman holding smiley face emoji in front of her face

It is with this in mind that Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure spent two years developing a forward-thinking and technologically advanced approach to the service it was offering to its B2B customers. The goal? Improve the service not only for its own customers (including hotels, fitness facilities and condos) but to the end user as well (i.e. condo residents, fitness centre members, and hotel guests).

“We aren’t just interested in our customer’s experience with us,” says Superior’s COO Mehdi Pahlavan. “We are concerned with how THEIR customer (including residents, hotel guests etc) are interacting with the facility”.

A Cloud Above All Other Service Companies

In 2018 the company launched the Superior Advantage, a fully customized Customer Service Cloud Platform specifically designed for pool maintenance and service and the first of its kind in the aquatics service industry. The cloud platform, which is included in all Superior maintenance contracts, allows customers to access pool records, book maintenance appointments and rate the quality of the service work at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere. It also lets them voice any concerns right from the same place. The platform has led to the resolution of all service issues from 5 days to just 1 day, way ahead of industry standards.

Now Superior has launched the next phase of its customer service initiative: ‘How Was Your Swim?’. In 2019 Superior will install signs in 200 high-end swimming pools in the Greater Toronto Area. The purpose? To gain specific and tangible feedback on user experience. “This new initiative is all about the impact on the end user,” says Pahlavan. “After 45 years, the time has come to offer them a stake in their happiness and enjoyment at the pool.”

graphic showing Superior Pool's How Was Your Swim feedback questionnaire

How it Works:

Upon leaving the pool changing room, swimmers are invited to connect to Once there, they are asked to input the property’s 5-digit location ID (each property has its own number as indicated on the sign), followed by a simple question: Please rate your overall satisfaction of your swim in the pool or in the hot tub.

Users can then choose Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, or Highly Dissatisfied, followed by a request for feedback.

The kind of feedback could include: The water looked cloudy, the pool was too cold, there was hair in the water, or other swimmers weren’t adhering to safety rules.

Once they have submitted their responses, the information is immediately sent to the facility’s account where the data is compiled and a report is available when management logs-in to its Superior’s Cloud Platform.

Photo of a man swimming in a pool

Big Benefits for Customers AND End Users

The advantage to Superior customers? Facilities get instant, first-hand feedback from its end users. Facility management also gets compiled data and recommendations allowing them to adjust operations and/or make repairs as needed. Once a concern has been logged, the facility can make a service request directly with Superior without ever having to log-out of the cloud account.

And what is the advantage to end users? It allows for quick resolutions to any and all problems. For example, if a concern is reported on a weekend facility management is alerted immediately. Once Superior has been notified they can, with the help of any on-site staff, resolve the issue before the user returns to swim on Monday. Ultimately this leads to less disruption as well as a safer, cleaner and more positive experience for the end user.

“This is the technology Superior has developed over the past 24 months,” says Pahlavan. “We want to take our service to the next level and offer both customers and end users the absolute best, cleanest, safest and most enjoyable swim experience out there.”

So what’s next in customer service now that Superior has set the bar high? The company has plans to continuously improve and will be unrolling new, even better initiatives in the coming months and years.  

“The way customer service is being offered in the B2B arena has changed and shifted from the days when people made verbal comments and complaints or filled out a card,” says Pahlavan. “This is the future of how customer service is being offered and Superior is at the forefront of this movement.”

How Was Your Swim? 2019 Customer Experience Initiative

How Was Your Swim? 2019 Customer Experience Initiative

image of How Was Your Swim sign

Our New Customer Voice Initiative is a Game Changer


Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure Ltd. has launched a new customer voice initiative that ups the game in customer service.

In January 2019, Superior will be placing signs in over 200 high-valued pool facilities asking swimmers to rate their pool or whirlpool experience on the spot using their mobile devices.

All data collected in our How Was Your Swim? campaign will be compiled and shared directly with all our customers. The goal? To improve service and, ultimately, the end-user experience at each facility we maintain.

Once again, Superior is leading the pack when it comes to top-notch customer service.

In 2018 we reached a milestone through the integration of Net Promoter Score customer voice into each service area. We also launched the Superior Advantage, a fully customized Customer Service Cloud Platform specifically designed for pool maintenance and service.

The cloud platform, which is included in all Superior maintenance contracts, allows customers to access pool records, book maintenance appointments and rate the quality of the service work at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere. It also lets them voice any concerns right in the same place. The platform has led to the resolution of all service issues from 5 days to just 1 day, way ahead of industry standards.

Superior is proud to be a leading force in pool and whirlpool maintenance and we look forward to continuing our trend-setting customer service initiatives throughout 2019!

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Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure celebrates 40 years

Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure Ltd., a commercial/residential swimming pool and spa maintenance, cleaning, and construction service company based in Toronto, recently celebrated its 40th anniversary by hosting more than 120 guests at the Thompson Hotel’s chic Rooftop Lounge.

Superior Pool’s CEO, Howie Kirshenbaum, who was originally hired by the company in 1979 as the general manager and first full-time employee, and president and COO, Stephen Schechter, who joined the company in 1982, played host to those in attendance. A live band, led by Kirshenbaum’s son, Marc, (also a former Superior Pool employee) provided the entertainment.

“Now celebrating our 40th year, Superior Pool has become one of the leading commercial swimming pool management company’s in Canada, servicing more than 700 indoor/outdoor locations at apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels, schools, community pools, hospitals, professional sports teams, and residential backyard pools,” says Kirshenbaum.

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Spring 2013 issue of Aquatic Leader Magazine

Aquatic Leader Magazine™ is a semiannual publication dedicated to providing timely information on the swimming pool service industry. With its fresh design, in-depth articles and unique resources, Aquatic Leader Magazine is a publication that readers will reference over and over again.

Dry-O-Tron & Pool Pak Preventative Maintenance

Only Available in GTA at this time.

2013 Pump Rehab

2013 Filter Rehab


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