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Lifestyle and Recreation Management

Lifestyle & Recreation Management

Superior staff members are motivated to create excitement and inject energy while improving the operation of your recreation facility.

The benefit of a well-managed recreation facility is both customer satisfaction and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

With over 45 years of experience in customized pool, spa and recreation maintenance and management, we know what’s most important to our customers: exceeding expectations!

We don’t just staff your facility; we keep residents active and engaged by operating each recreation centre as a ‘club’ within the community.  Superior staff members are motivated to create excitement and inject energy while improving the operation of your recreation facility.

We deliver operational integrity, program excellence, and financial sustainability. Most importantly, we help our clients attract and retain members by improving their health and building their social community.  

For You We Offer:
  • Fully Trained Staff  with the Highest Technical Qualifications in the Industry, and a Demonstrated Passion for Customer Service  
  • Customized Staffing Models that Meet the Requirements of Each Unique Facility
  • Immediate Attention to Issues/Concerns
  • Dedicated Management Supported by Cloud-Based Technology
  • Reporting Structure to Ensure All Stakeholders Have Visibility to KPI’s
  • Facility Reviews & End-User Surveys to Ensure Facility Management Adapts to All Changes


Superior recognizes that individuals are more likely to participate in fitness and wellness activities if programs are fun, meet personal needs, provide an opportunity for social interaction, and deliver results.

We understand that successful programming needs to be highly accessible, available anytime, anywhere.

Our Program Offering Includes:
  • Group Exercise Classes, Personal Training & Wellness Programming Led by Industry-Leading Professionals
  • Social Activities & Events
  • Active Aging Programming
  • On-Demand Virtual Fitness Classes
  • Remote Access to Workouts & Wellness Content
  • Online Class & Appointment Scheduling Through a Mobile App
  • Targeted Community Programming


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Lifestyle and Recreation Management October 1, 2018


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