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Why Lifeguarding

Why Lifeguarding?

Summer of Cool Prizes 

Superior recognizes the hard work of its Lifeguards every Summer by rewarding its crews with awesome prizes.

To qualify:

  • Your NLS, CPR, and First Aid certifications must be valid and current before the start of the summer
  • Your application must be received before the date indicated in your Returning Package
  • You fulfill your promise to work through your entire term
  • Your willingness to work holidays and weekends also counts


Free Training & Certification 

All Superior Lifeguards and Assistant Lifeguards are certified by the Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada. National Lifeguard Service (NLS) is “the standard measure of lifeguard performance in Canada”.

We want to eliminate any cost barrier to finding and hiring exceptional Lifeguards, so we offer FREE National Lifeguard (NLS) Certification, Recertification and uniforms.

We also run training sessions for Lifeguards First Aid and CPR certifications. And we also pay you for your training after you are fully certified and hired!

Lifesaving Society Recertification is valid for 2 years, and is recognized in over 50 countries.


Have a Fun Summer 

When you’re a Lifeguard, the responsibilities are great, but some consider it the best Summer job they could ever have.

Why is it a great job?

  • Meet new people
  • Stay in shape
  • Role model for kids
  • New challenges
  • Great pay (including end-of-Summer bonuses)
  • Opportunities to move up
  • Work with and make new friends
  • Work close to home
  • Lots of different types of facilities to work at (Large Swim Clubs, Neighbourhood pools, Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Retirement Communities)
  • Flexible personalized work schedules

There’s no other summer job that can offer you the experience of being a Lifeguard.

Oh, and did we mention fun?

  • Pool party opportunities
  • Lifeguard socials
  • Earn bonuses
  • Pool and Lifeguard of the month
  • Referral program to earn extra cash
  • Easy and reliable payroll process
  • Ability to move up
  • References and letters of recommendation
  • Professional recognition for a job well done

You can also move up and grow within the company:

  • Supervisor
  • Instructors
  • Head Guard/Pool Manager
  • Recruiting and Staffing Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Service/Construction Technicians
  • Regional Manager


Improve Your Resume 

Lifeguards are professional rescuers, trained to help prevent injuries and to respond in an emergency to help save a life. As part of a team, Lifeguards must work together to calmly and efficiently manage crisis situations.

Being a Lifeguard presents numerous opportunities to develop professional and inter-personal skills valuable in many other work environments. On your resume, you’ll be able to showcase in-demand capabilities, like:

Public Relations / Customer Service
Lifeguards work with members of the public on a daily basis and must respond to inquiries and complaints in a positive and professional manner.

Crisis Management
Lifeguards are trained to think in emergencies, take control of crisis situations and prioritize their acts in order to save a life.

Conflict Resolution
Experienced Lifeguards learn to mediate disputes between patrons and find creative solutions to common problems.

Lifeguards gain leadership skills as they progress up through the ranks of guards. Head Lifeguards assume responsibility for supervising staff, scheduling, etc.

Lifeguards are taught to work as a part of a cohesive team to effectively protect swimmers.


Be the Envy of Your Friends

Pool Party Pay
Superior customers sometime have pool parties needing on-site need lifeguards. Lifeguards volunteering to work pool parties are paid at an increased hourly rate.

Superior Lifeguards can become eligible for promotion to Head Lifeguard and/or Supervisor positions based on meeting and exceeding what’s expected on the job, taking into account all aspects of their work history and job performance.

Safety Awards
Lifeguards demonstrating a commitment to safety excellence throughout the season are regularly recognized.

End of Season Awards
At the end of the season, awards are given for the Guard of the Year, Head Guard of the Year, and Supervisor of the Year.

Lifeguard Referral Program
Refer a friend and earn a referral bonus.

PAID Training
Paid Dry and Wet training.

FREE Recert
FREE NLS Recertifications are offered to staff returning for the summer season.


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