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Lifeguards FAQ

Lifeguards FAQ


  1. When are interviews? What are they all about?
    Interviews for most summer positions begin as early as January. Even though interviews continue all summer long, it is to your advantage to come as early as possible. At these group interviews you will learn about the company, the benefits, and many of your questions will be answered. We also use this interview to get to know you and assess your strengths. You will fill out Tax Forms and our Application Form. You will have to provide a SIN (Social Insurance Number), your certifications (NSL, CPR, Instructors etc.), and 2 pieces of photo ID. Once you have been interviewed, your application is processed by our administrative team. To prevent delays, make sure that you complete all parts of all application forms.

  2. What happens after I am interviewed?
    Once you have completed the interview process and your completed application information has been processed, we contact successful applicants to confirm their availability. Based on where you live, we will place you at a nearby pool and set up a work schedule.

  3. When do I start working?
    Generally, most outdoor pools needing Lifeguards open between June 22nd and July 1st. Before that though, there are often some opportunities to work at outdoor pools that open as early as May, and at indoor pools which are open year round. Paid training sessions also occur before you start working shifts.

  4. Where will I be working?
    We schedule Lifeguards to work as close as possible to where they live. Superior has hundreds of locations, so chances are high that you will be placed close to home.

  5. How can I get placed faster?

    • Have your credentials in order! If you require an NLS re‐cert, tell us immediately and we will schedule you for a free recertification course.
    • Communicate! We will be calling or emailing you frequently to discuss your placement and training details.
    • We place well over 300 lifeguards every year, so it is imperative that you return our calls and emails quickly to ensure that we can facilitate your first choice of pool and schedule.
    • Be flexible! Toronto is a big city with great public transit. Although we do our best to keep you close to home, some travel may be required, so it’s best not to limit yourself. If you drive, let us know!
  6. Can I tell you what days I want to work?
    We respect all faiths and understand that some people may not be able to work on certain days due to religious observances. Please notify us of any days you cannot work for religious reasons. Otherwise, we expect everyone to be available to work all seven days of the week. Superior has a responsibility to provide lifeguards seven days per week to our customers. To be fair to all lifeguards, requests to only work on weekdays cannot be granted. We do our best to keep a balanced schedule that is fair to everyone. Remember, the more available you are, the more shifts you are likely to receive!

  7. My friend, who is a lifeguard, is looking for a job. Should I tell them to call Superior?
    Yes! We are always looking to hire responsible lifeguards, especially if they have been referred to us by you. We will reward you for it! For each lifeguard you refer to us, we will pay you a referral bonus. The lifeguard you refer must meet all of our criteria and work until the end of the season. Be sure to ask us for more details about this bonus!

  8. My friend is not a lifeguard, but is looking for work. Can they still call you?
    Yes! We have limited number of positions at indoor facilities where staff are encouraged, but not required to have NLS certification (but first aid & CPR certification is required). We also hire a limited number of non-lifeguard positions for those qualified to teach Aquafit, Aerobics, and Yoga at our sites. Contact us for details.

  9. Are your NLS recertification courses and uniforms really free?
    Absolutely! Contact us if you need recertification and we will tell you what dates are available. You initially pay for the course, and when you complete the terms of your employment and work the entire season, we will fully reimburse you. If you fail to pass or if you fail to work the entire summer for any reason, you will not be reimbursed. Similarly, uniforms are deducted from your first pay cheque but are paid back in full if you work until the end of the summer.

  10. Can anyone recertify, even if they don’t work for Superior?
    Yes! We welcome all non‐employees to recertify their NLS with us. However, Superior does not reimburse them.

  11. What happens if there is an emergency at my pool?
    As soon as we are notified of an emergency, a Supervisor will be sent to your pool as soon as possible. The Supervisor Team will help you handle any resulting issues at your site. Additionally, Superior maintains a public liability insurance policy that specifically protects Lifeguards. We carry more insurance than many other pool companies. Our insurance coverage protects all of our employees, including you!

  12. How does the bonus system work?
    The bonus system is a monetary reward to recognize a job well done. When you are hired, you are given an hourly pay rate and an hourly bonus rate. Throughout the summer, your regular pay cheques are based on your hourly pay rate. Your bonus is calculated by adding up all the hours you worked and multiplying them by your hourly bonus rate. We pay your bonus retroactively in early December (right in time for Christmas shopping!). Provided you work the entire term (as per your contract) and you perform your job responsibly, you can look forward to a sizeable bonus payout well after you’ve finished working!

  13. Are there any year‐round job opportunities?
    Yes! We operate year‐round and we are always looking to place responsible Lifeguards at our indoor facilities. Indoor scheduling usually begins in the middle of August. Indoor positions are usually given to our most reliable summer Lifeguards who demonstrate the best maintenance and communication skills. Please ask us for more details.

  14. How do I contact Superior? What if I need to get in touch outside of regular business hours?
    Communication is very important to us. During the summer season, our office is staffed from 8:00am to 8:30pm, and we encourage you to contact us during these hours. Additionally, all supervisors, management personnel, and maintenance technicians carry cell phones to facilitate communication. We also have a 24‐hr answering service which is available to take after‐hours calls. In an emergency, they will connect you with the appropriate Superior supervisor.

  15. My family owns a swimming pool and / or spa. Is there an employee discount?
    Yes! All Superior employees receive a minimum discount of 10% off merchandise and supplies. For some products, discounts can be as much as 50%!

  16. How can I stand out on the job? Am I recognized if I am an exceptional employee?
    We value responsible and dedicated Lifeguards who diligently work hard at their pool. Professionalism is important to us, as is reliability and communication. We have a variety of lucrative reward programs to recognize hard work. Some examples of prizes awarded are for the Most Punctual, Most Reliable, Best Dressed, and Most Helpful lifeguards. We also keep track of who has the cleanest and safest pool. Past prizes have included tickets to the Blue Jays, Argonauts, Rock, and Raptors. Movie passes, Wonderland tickets, and gift certificates have also been awarded.

  17. Tell me more about the company!
    Over the last 40 years, Superior has provided thousands of qualified, fully-certified Lifeguards to swimming pools across Southern Ontario.


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