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How Was Your Swim? 2019 Customer Experience Initiative

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Our New Customer Voice Initiative is a Game Changer


Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure Ltd. has launched a new customer voice initiative that ups the game in customer service.

In January 2019, Superior will be placing signs in over 200 high-valued pool facilities asking swimmers to rate their pool or whirlpool experience on the spot using their mobile devices.

All data collected in our How Was Your Swim? campaign will be compiled and shared directly with all our customers. The goal? To improve service and, ultimately, the end-user experience at each facility we maintain.

Once again, Superior is leading the pack when it comes to top-notch customer service.

In 2018 we reached a milestone through the integration of Net Promoter Score customer voice into each service area. We also launched the Superior Advantage, a fully customized Customer Service Cloud Platform specifically designed for pool maintenance and service.

The cloud platform, which is included in all Superior maintenance contracts, allows customers to access pool records, book maintenance appointments and rate the quality of the service work at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere. It also lets them voice any concerns right in the same place. The platform has led to the resolution of all service issues from 5 days to just 1 day, way ahead of industry standards.

Superior is proud to be a leading force in pool and whirlpool maintenance and we look forward to continuing our trend-setting customer service initiatives throughout 2019!

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