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Energy & Equipment Monitoring

Superior now offers specialty Energy & Equipment Monitoring services augmented by subject matter experts review to provide insight on consumption, utilization and low-cost no-cost tweaks. Superior’s state-of-the-art sensors connect wirelessly and communicate through a dedicated LTE+ line to stream data in real-time, to an intuitive and intelligent dashboard.

We intend to provide a cost-effective and secure wireless solution to get critical mechanical, electrical, plumbing and environmental data from your facility: Air Quality, HVAC Monitoring, Remote Monitoring, Submetering & Energy Monitoring, Humidity, Temperature, Power, Current, Water Leaks and more…all embedded in only a few sensors, with the possibility of integrating into BACnet or ModBus protocl based BAS.

Our devices are easy to install and can be deployed as a stand-alone solution.

We offer what others cannot! Out platform will give you the insights and alerts to increase operational visibility and proactively manage your facility. Identify opportunities for performance improvement, and easily share insights across teams and organizations.

Experience the true meaning of Predictive Maintenance!

Our platform can help you optimize your facility management with real-time, remote controls of your critical systems. Increase operational efficiency by addressing the inevitable technological or functional obsolescence in your buildings using wireless retrofits – Risk Avoidance package.

Superior’s end goal is to provide a tool for the building owners and operators to create transparency to all parties including residents and members of the private community and to engage them in saving energy and costs! We can create intelligent metrics, once there are enough data points, to enhance the engagement and even share the information with all or a particular set of people on frequently scheduled notifications.

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